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Whether you connect to B’nai through learning, services, music, friendship or social action; whether it’s once a year or many times a week, we hope that you think of B’nai Havurah as a source of support, meaning and community in life’s most important moments.  We are a unique group of people with a distinct purpose and history and your continuing commitment to the future of the community is essential.

Curious About Engaging with our B'nai Havurah Community?

You are warmly welcomed to join us as we infuse Judaism with renewed meaning through study, worship and joyous practice, social justice, acts of kindness, and connection with the Jewish people and others.

If you might benefit from chatting with a friendly person from B’nai Havurah to help you navigate life and connect at B'nai Havurah, please contact Laurie Cohn, Chair of the Membership Committee at or Laura Intfen, Director of Administration at 303-388-4441 ext. 15 or

                       Welcoming New Faces: Introducing new members!

Please greet our new members if you see them at a B'nai Havurah gathering, and better yet, reach out to them! Invite them to join you for a hike, Shabbat dinner, or coffee and a chat. To see new members, click here.

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784