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The B'nai Havurah Inclusivity Committee strives to ensure that B'nai Havurah is inclusive of individuals of all abilities, that these individuals feel a sense of belonging, and that these individuals and their families can comfortably and fully participate in all spiritual, educational, and communal life. When we speak of 'disability' we are speaking of individuals with a wide range of differing abilities and needs - i.e. those with both visible and invisible disabilities - including but not limited to individuals with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, learning differences, severe food allergies, accident, trauma or illness related disabilities and those encounter challenges of aging.

B'nai Havurah is one of only four Jewish Disabilities Advocates (JDA) sites of Jewish Family Service of Colorado. We work closely with a professional consultant to address the needs of our community and to strive for true inclusion. This includes, but is not limited to accessibility, policies, practices and community awareness and engagement.

B'nai Havurah has:

  • Accessible public spaces include the sanctuary and bima.
  • Accessible, non-gendered bathrooms.
  • Large-print siddur and/or magnifying glasses.
  • Customized bar and bat mitzvah preparation to accommodate different children's needs.

Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) is February.  B'nai Havurah hosts an annual Inclusivity Shabbat during this month each year. The focus of the JDA synagogues in Colorado in 2021 is mental health. In particular, taking the stigma out of mental illness.

Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyar 5781