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Articles about Tikkun Olam Grant Recipents

May 5, 2021

Safe Outdoor Spaces Meal Train Update 

 In the paragraph below, Vicki Saragoussi Phillips of Havurah Ruach shared the experience of her havurah through their participation in providing a meal for the residents of Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS), a program that was established to provide a safe outdoor living area for homeless women.  EarthLinks, one of our grantees and the featured grantee for our 2021 Tikkun Olam Shabbat, is one of the organizations supporting this program.   

"Havurah Ruach was proud and excited to join in the Tikkun Olam effort in supporting people in the Denver area experiencing homelessness and poverty. Not only did we contribute toward a night of meals for women and trans-identifying individuals in need, but we supported the struggling restaurant industry, namely the SAME Café, which also supports and serves everyone in the high-needs community with dignity – a Triple Tikkun! We paid for, picked up, and delivered an aromatic and healthy catered meal (soup, salad, entrée, and dessert!). A great project for other havurot as this needed effort will continue through the Spring." 

As of May 1, only three meal spots are available on the SOS Meal Train, one dinner on May 29, and two on the 30th, the final date of this project. Each dinner is to serve eight ladies.   B'nai should be proud of the three havurot and the individuals that participated in supporting this project.

If interested in participating in this program, please contact Carole Smith at  


Liane Morrison and Alan Greenberg, left, of Havurah Ruach











April 21, 2021

Tikkun Olam Grant Supports Jevaia Oral Health Care's Expansion

We are pleased to have learned that Jevaia Oral Health Care, a non-profit organization in Nepal and recipient of a Tikkun Olam grant, has been able to use our donation to purchase a dental chair for its new clinic in the village of Lwang Ghalel.   Jevaia was co-founded by its executive director Laura Spero (niece of Susan Spero) and has established dental clinics in rural Nepal.  The impact of COVID - 19 in the area had delayed plans to open this clinic after efforts to launch it on the part of local health officials.  The Jevaia team worked hard with these community leaders to recently unveil the clinic in a newly built government Health Post. 

In addition to staffing the clinic every Monday (also with public funds), Jevaia Oral Care will be able to provide oral health education and care in local school settings.   It is expected that all school age children in this community will be able to receive much needed preventive and primary care dentistry.   This is important to decrease the prevalence of oral disease, which in children can affect their ability to gain adequate nutrition.  The program trains and hires local staff with allied medical professionals and educators.  

Learn more about Jevaia Oral Health at:    

Our thanks to B'nai Havurah members for your donations and to grant sponsor Lorrie Tishler. 



April 7, 2021


 The Tikkun Olam Grants Subcommittee awarded $500 to Safe Outdoor Space (SOS), a program administered by EarthLinks, Inc. 

 SOS is part of a collaboration of Denver agencies that provide temporary emergency housing, refuge, and protection to homeless women and transgender individuals.  Women selected for SOS are typically referred by street outreach workers.

 The SOS site consists of 20 "ice tents", which provide more protection against the cold, located in the parking lot of First Baptist church.  SOS provides tenants with three meals per day, restroom and laundry facilities, wellness screenings, and referrals to local service resources.  In addition, the program delivers COVID-19 mitigation services.  SOS advocates and providers believe this model delivers a partial but significant solution to Denver's homelessness dilemma.

 SOS is a unique model.  Funding is provided by public and private sources, and managed by the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.  Unfortunately, SOS funding is projected to last only through May 31.  Agencies serving the homeless are undertaking ambitious efforts to extend the program, but firm commitments remain elusive.

 B'nai Havurah conducted a Tikkun Olam Shabbat on April 3rd highlighting EarthLinks and SOS.  EarthLinks director Cass Cronin and SOS administrator Sarah Newell gave informative presentations outlining the components and benefits of each program.

 Even though winter is over, SOS women continue to experience cold Colorado weather.  As such, program personnel still need hand warmers, new sleeping bags and body and sanitizing wipes for tenants.  Contributions of these items would be most appreciated and should be brought to B'nai Havurah.  

​​B'nai Havurah members and several havurot have provided dinners for SOS, which was a big help, but SOS really can use more meals through the end of May.  If you are interested in providing a meal for the SOS participants through Meal Train, please sign up at  Please contact Carole Smith at 303-818-5248 or if you need supplies (foil pans, plates, silverware, serving pieces or napkins.)


Grant Recipients

March 3, 2021
Northside High School 
The Tikkun Olam Grants Subcommittee recently approved a $500 grant for Northside (also known as North Denver) High School.  This grant will at least partially fund a scholarship for a graduating special needs (disabled) student.
Grant funds will be administered by the Northside Alumni Association Board of Directors. Special needs students will compete for the scholarship by writing an essay explaining how they have adapted to their disability and overcome barriers imposed.  All eligible seniors qualified by the school's Department of Special Education will be invited to apply. The selection committee will consider financial need as one factor in their selection.
School representatives estimate that 4 to 10 students will seek scholarship funding.
The Alumni Association will keep the Tikkun Olam Committee apprised of the scholarship recipient's progress throughout the year.  At the conclusion of one year, we will ask an Alumni Association representative, and hopefully the scholarship recipient, to make a summary in-person report to the TO Committee.
More information about additional grant recipients will soon follow!


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