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2022 Annual Commitment - QuickPledge


If you plan to make one or more of you pledge payments using a check, please download and print a 2022 Membership Form to complete and send back to us, HERE, or call our office at 303-388-4441.

If you plan to make one or more pledge payments using a credit card, debit, or e-check, please complete the form below.

To read a letter from our Board of Trustees Chair, Ben Honigman, please click here.

Dear Chaver/Friend:

If you would like a low-tech and more personal option, please contact us. We are happy to accept  your annual pledge over the phone or via email to confirm your payment preferences and timeline. 

We encourage you to set up ACH (automatic payment from your bank, credit, or debit card). In doing so, you save yourself time and effort and help B'nai save time and resources.

B'nai Havurah accepts e-checks (just like actual checks, but the transaction is online and the processing cost to B'nai Havurah is minimal), debit, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover), and of course, checks and cash. 

However you plan to pay, you can split your pledge into monthly, quarterly, or semi-monthly payments. Or, you can pay all at once.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either of us.

Thank you!

Adrianna Beaudette and Becky Epstein - 303-388-4441
Email: or

P.S. If you'd like us to postage mail you your 2022 Pledge Form that you can complete and send back to us, please let us know. We're happy to do so.



If you do not log in, you will be able to select how you choose to break your payments down (monthly, quarterly, etc.), but you will not be able to indicate your payment method (check or automatic payment using a credit card or e-check on file.).

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to login to your B'nai Havurah Online Account!

Logging into your account gives you what you need to manage your personal and financial information. It is time-saving and efficient (for you and our staff), and gives you the ability to:

  • See your account in real-time; 
  • Keep track of your family's Yahrzeits; 
  • Make payments and donations quickly and easily; 
  • Register and pay for events; 
  • Edit your personal and financial information at any time; 
  • Check your balances; 
  • Print your statements; 
  • See what programs you enrolled in. 
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2.  HOME ADDRESS - If you are logged in, this field will automatically populate

If you haven't moved in the past year, you can skip this. If your address needs to be updated, please do so below.

Please add the name(s) and birthdate(s) of your children below. Please include grown children (and their spouse, if they have one), who may be living on their own!
Be sure to include month/day/year, please.  Example:  John Goldstein, 05/08/2008.

If your grown children have a spouse, please include their name, as well.


In order for B'nai Havurah to meet our 2022 financial commitments, our overall revenue requirement is about $500,000. This averages out to approximately $2,200 per member family.  We fully recognize that some can give more, others less.  Click here to view our 2022 Budget. (Note our budget is accessible once you log in to our website.)

Your financial support is greatly appreciated. 

There will be other opportunities to support your community than your commitment below for membership dues, the Other Half Annual Fund, Tikkun Olam, and Social Justice. We thank you for your careful consideration!

Whatever your pledge, we thank you for choosing to (re)commit as a B'nai Havurah member. Your presence and participation are integral to our collective well-being.

  • Membership Dues
Your payments may be broken down into equal payments monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly! We ask that your total pledge is paid by the end of November.

Cash is not the only way to make a financial contribution to B'nai Havurah! Donating appreciated securities -- like stock, bonds, or mutual funds -- can be an even better way to contribute for some folks. By doing so, you avoid paying taxes on the capital gains resulting from a sale and more goes to B'nai. A Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA (for those in this age group), this method satisfies that obligation, too. Talk to your tax advisor, then contact our office on how to donate.
  • The Other Half: B'nai Havurah's Annual Giving Campaign

The Other Half, remains a critical fund for our financial security. In 2021, 102 B’nai Havurah member families donated a total of $49,733 to The Other Half. As life presents its challenges and opportunities, your gift will ensure that the B'nai Havurah community is there for you when you need us most.

In 2021, 100% of our Board members gave to the Other Half! We'd love to see all of our members give to this annual fund. 

Remember that your pledge payments may be divided into monthly payments.
  • Tikkun Olam and Social Justice

In 2021 due to your generosity, the Tikkun Olam Committee provided grants, totaling $5,800, to 12 deserving non-profit organizations!!

Our Tikkun Olam Committee provides grants that help alleviate hunger, homelessness, disease, ignorance, abuse, and oppression among all people.  Also, the committee works to preserve the health of the global ecosystem upon which all life depends.
NOTE: If you would like your Social Justice donation to solely benefit one of our Positioning B'nai organizations, Coloradans for the Common Good (CCG) or Colorado Faith Communities to End Gun Violence (CFCU), leave the field above blank and indicate which organization(s) you would like your donation to benefit along with the amount of your contribution(s).
*Please note: Tikkun Olam, Social Justice (including CCG, and CFCU) are Restricted Funds that are designated and reserved for a certain purpose.

Beginning January 1, 2022, 10% of each donation to our​ ​Restricted Funds will be used to reimburse the operating and administrative costs of overseeing and managing each fund.

To view a list of all B’nai Havurah’s funds, please click here.
B'nai Chai Legacy

We are fortunate to have more than 90 members who included B’nai Havurah in their will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy. 

If you are not a legacy member and want to ensure that B’nai will continue for future generations, you may want to learn more about becoming a B'nai Chai Legacy member.
YOUR TOTAL COMMITMENT: 2022 Membership Dues, The Other Half, Tikkun Olam, and Social Action

Once you hit the "Submit" button on the bottom of this page, you will go to a payment page. You will select how often you plan to make your payments on this page. Options include monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or a one-time payment (you can pay at the time you finalize your pledge, or you can set a date when you plan to pay.).  

Paying by credit card or e-check: You will have the option of B'nai charging your credit card or (e-check) on the payment date(s) you have selected, automatically. See more about e-check below.

We encourage you to set up an automatic payment(s). Automatic payments are gaining in popularity, since there is no need for your remember to pay and this process takes less staff time, once your payments are set up.  Please note: In order to do this, you need to be logged in to ShulCloud.

Note: If you plan to select pay your 2022 Annual Commitment in one payment, you will have the opportunity to choose between two options on the payment page (the page you will see when you click on "Submit" below) in a pull-down menu.

The first option is to pay ONCE NOW: if you select this, payment is immediate.

If you plan to pay all at once but later in the year, choose the second option, ONCE LATER. See snapshot below:

Click on SUBMIT below to finalize your pledge for your Membership Dues, The Other Half, and Social Justice.

On the next screen, you will be asked to indicate how you would like to make payments (we accept e-checks in addition to credit cards), and how you would like to break down your payments.

Note: Selecting e-check for your payment option means that funds will automatically be deducted from your checking account. To set this up, you will be prompted to enter the username and password you use for your online bank account. The system ShulCloud uses to securely process your payment is called Plaid. If you have trouble with this, please call us.

We thank you for joining us in 2022!
Sat, September 24 2022 28 Elul 5782