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Tuning in to the Voice of Your Soul: Writing as Spiritual Practice for Elul

Writing and Reflection Prompts for Elul
by Rabbi Katie Mizrahi (with thanks to Ritualwell)
Writing can be a profound spiritual practice. In the days of Elul, leading up to the High Holy Days, use these questions each day as a way to practice the soul accounting essential to teshuvah.
Day 1: What do you hope for in the New Year?

Day 2: What is forgiveness and how do we forgive?

Day 3: What makes a good apology?

Day 4:  What do you regret?

Day 5:  What does teshuvah mean to you?

Day 6:  What would it look like for the United States of America to do teshuvah for slavery? For the crimes against indigenous peoples?

Day 7:  What would it look like for humanity to do teshuvah for our abuse of the earth?

Day 8:  Have you ever changed for the better? If so, how?

Day 9: What are your bad habits?

Day 10: What’s one good habit you aspire to embrace? When will you start?

Day 11: Imagine High Holy Days three years into the future… 20 years…

Day 12:  Pick your favorite prayer, story or practice of the season and drash (interpret) it.

Day 13:   What have you learned since last Rosh Hashanah? About yourself? About the world around you?

Day 14:   What sustains you in times of challenge?

Day 15:   What does it mean to be good?

Day 16:  Which virtue do you value most and why?

Day 17:   Who inspires you and why?

Day 18:  What is one thing you are ashamed of? One thing you are proud of?

Day 19:   If your soul could speak, what would she say?

Day 20:   What can you do if your loved ones make a mistake?

Day 21:  Who do you yearn to be?

Day 22:  What do you need to release or embrace in order to shine more brightly?

Day 23:   Who are you remembering this year?

Day 24:   What are your sins?

Day 25:   Write your own eulogy.

Day 26:  How are you being called to take responsibility?

Day 27:   Where do you need to heal?

Day 28:   What are you turning away from and what are you turning toward?
Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784