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COVID-19 Safety Regulations - May 27, 2021


B’nai Havurah Announcement: Return to B’nai Havurah Facilities

Hinei Ma Tov U’Ma Naim, Shevet Achim Gam Yachad
“How good and pleasant it is to sit in the company of others together” (Psalm 133:1)
Indeed, for all of us in B’nai Havurah, it has been a long time that we have waited to be able to safely come back together in each other’s company. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Medical and Scientific communities and the distribution of vaccines to almost all of us, that day is now on the horizon for us.


It is our great pleasure to announce a gradual return to in-person attendance for events at B’nai Havurah, while continuing to also offer the option of remote/online attendance for those who prefer.  However, we continue to be mindful that not everyone is able to be vaccinated yet, including our youngest age groups and others who cannot be vaccinated, so safety protocols continue to be highest priority.
The COVID-19 Advisory Committee formed last year has been reviewing the ever-changing health and safety landscape of Colorado and the Denver area. In addition, our staff has arranged health safety upgrades of our facility, including higher quality air conditioning filters and cleaned air ducts. Following these efforts along with discussions and consultations with our staff, we have established the following safety protocols for events at B’nai Havurah starting in the month of June:

  • Masks continue to be required for entry into the B’nai Havurah building and for attendance to events (except when eating, of course). This continues to be important for any events where those not yet vaccinated are in attendance, as we always strive to make our environment a welcoming and comfortable one for all.
  •  All adults entering the B’nai Havurah building are expected to be vaccinated.
  • As in the past, please do not enter the building if you are experiencing any symptoms that could be associated with the virus or have reason to believe you might have been exposed.
  • The serving of food for certain events WILL RESUME with some food service protocols added, however the science has taught us, over the last few months, that the serving and passing of food and dishes is not the safety concern we once thought it to be.
  • We will continue to practice safe social distancing when we meet together. You will see seats arranged into small family-size groupings ("pods") in the sanctuary and the use of larger rooms for gatherings where smaller spaces like the Library may not allow for sufficient distancing. We will limit attendance at Shabbat services indoors in our sanctuary to about 30 people (depending on the size of pods) and will require registration for services and other programs.
  • We are a community that rejoices in song, and it is difficult to silence our voices willingly. However, in a community in which we welcome those who have joined the ranks of the vaccinated and protected as well as those who, because of age or other conditions, are not yet able to be vaccinated, we continue to put everyone's safety at the forefront of our thoughts. Therefore, we ask that when our wonderful musicians and soloists lead us in music that the rest of us sing along quietly with them under the protection of our masks. We look forward to the days ahead when we can all sit with each other without our masks and truly sing aloud together, but we ask for your patience as we move toward that day with great caution and respect for everyone's wellbeing. 
  • As everyone knows from following the news, safety protocols are evolving and changing day to day. The policies announced here are our best understanding of how to move forward while remaining safe. We fully expect to change as the conditions around us continue to evolve and we will continue to update you as those changes take place.

The B’nai Havurah COVID-19 Advisory Committee 

Members: Ethan Waldman (committee chair), Becky Epstein, Dorothy Lepoff, Ron Lepoff, Bob Stephens, Jackie Stern Bellowe, Claire Zilber, Angele Fauchier, John Menninger

Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781