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Covid 19 Safety Protocols as of March 11, 2022

The Covid Task Force met on March 2 to assess, discuss, and adjust our safety protocol given the improved status of Covid infections in Colorado.

We trust that each of you has also stayed abreast of the situation and monitored the ever-changing landscape while ensuring you and your loved ones make informed and responsible decisions. With deep gratitude to the medical community that has guided us to a safer place than where we were a few months ago, we continue to stress our most important guiding principle: Respect and concern for the health of our fellow community members at all times. With those principles in mind, beginning March 11, B'nai Havurah is operating under the following safety protocols:  

  • Vaccines continue to be the most effective defense against severe illness from Covid-19. Anyone eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine is required to be fully vaccinated when entering the facilities of B'nai Havurah or when attending any B'nai Havurah events in person. 
  • We do not require masks in our building and at B'nai Havurah programs outside the building, except while:
           •  Singing during Shabbat services or other activities; When helping yourselves to food at our buffet tables.
           •  When food is served at any of our events, we will provide ample space and extra tables for those more comfortable with
               maintaining social distance while eating.
  • Service leaders will be unmasked and will maintain a distance of at least 10' from attendees.
  • Hand hygiene is still an essential defense against any illness. Wash your hands often! We will also have hand sanitizer available.
  • Please do not enter the building if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with the virus. 
  • In the event any individual is unable or unwilling to be vaccinated against Covid-19, they may enter the building only after hours when no other people are present. They are required to wear a N95 or KN95 mask for the time they are in the building.
  • If you have reason to believe you may have been exposed to the virus, please do not enter the building. 
  • ​If an employee or contract worker tests positive for Covid, a subsequent negative test is required to enter the building. 
  •  If any individual tests positive for Covid (or believes they are at high risk to test positive due to recent exposures), we urge them to reach out to each individual they had contact with at B'nai Havurah as soon as possible. The individual may also contact the office for assistance in reaching out to others. 
  • To accommodate our members and friends who are not comfortable meeting in person, we will continue to offer programs and services virtually whenever possible.

In good health,

The B’nai Havurah COVID-19 Advisory Committee

Members: Ethan Waldman (committee chair), Becky Epstein, Angele Fauchier, Dorothy Lepoff, Ron Lepoff, John Menninger, Bob Stephens, Jackie Stern Bellow, and Claire Zilber

Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782