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CHAI FIVE - Youth Education Program Calendar and Curriculum



Youth Education Program

Curriculum & Calendar

  1. Mitzvah Corps
  2. Family Learning
  3. Arts Based Education
  4. Hebrew through Movement & Small-Group Tutoring
  5. My Jewish Toolkit

The year will be broken into 3 thematic models of learning trimesters. This trimester approach will provide opportunities for students and families to engage in Jewish learning, action and reflection. There will be three different types of learning days:

Highlighted pink days are Family & Parents at B’nai Days, green days are Shabbat B’Yachad Days, Sunday Pizza Days & red days are 6th and 7th Grade Special Programs

  • Weekly Mifgash (Meeting): All students will meet ("mifgash") weekly in various settings. They'll explore Jewish answers to their everyday questions, as well as their questions about specific Jewish content areas.
  • Family Limud (Learning): Once a month, the whole family will come together for a family learning ("limud") experience. As role models for their children, parents will play active roles as both learners and educators.
  • Community Kesher (Connection) – Shabbat B’Yachad: Throughout the year, the CHAI Five families will connect ("kesher") with the larger synagogue community. This includes experiences for the whole family

Curriculum – Enduring Understandings

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

I discover myself in the Jewish story... when I read the stories from the Torah, when I make time sacred and when I perform g’milut chasadim (acts of loving kindness).

2nd and 3rd Grade

The study of Torah is lifelong and ongoing...It is with the understanding of Torah that I connect to history, community and I choose to do acts of loving kindness, make a difference in my life and the world around me.

4th and 5th Grade

We are an evolving religious civilization with lessons from our past that connect us and guide us as Reconstructionist Jews…and our shared history connects us to K'lal Yisrael and an understanding of our responsibility to actively support and sustain the Jewish community and repair the world.

6th and 7th Grade

Hineini, here I am as an emerging Jewish adult....My life is reflected in and reflects Torah and I define myself as an individual and as an authentic member of the Jewish community.

Year One My Jewish Toolkit

Torah- Five Books, Main Themes, Main Characters

TaNaCh – Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim

Jewish Time and Calendar – Months, Years, Holidays and Seasons

History – Ancient and Modern Family Stories and Lessons

Mitzvot – Sacred Acts and Values

Small Group Tutoring Hebrew Curriculum by Year/Level

1) Aleph-bet recognition - Recite: Short kiddish, candle lighting, motzi, Shema and Hinei Ma Tov


2) Decode words: Syllablication with vowel recognition

Recite/Read: Barchu , Mi Chamocha,Oseh Shalom, Shechecheyanu, Chanukah blessings


3) Read: Shema/V'Ahavta, V'shamru, V'zot Hatorah, 4 Questions


4) Read: Avot, Gevurot, Torah Blessings, Hatzi Kaddish, Aleinu


5) Read: Kedusha, Birkat HaShachar, Yotzer, Blessings after the Haftarah


Note: Children in kindergarten to seventh grade will have Hebrew Through Movement (HTM) on Sunday mornings. This is a sound to print approach to teaching language.


Mitzvah Corps – Overarching Theme of Food Insecurity and Food Justice

This issue was chosen because this need is profound and impacts so many people in Denver. There are many agencies working on this issue that need our help including:

Care for Sick (Bikkur Cholim) – Project Angel Heart

Honoring the Elderly (Hidur P'nei Zakein) –Kavod Senior Living

Care for the Hungry and Homeless – Food Bank of the Rockies, Meals on Wheels, Delores Project, Ekar Farm, Weinberg Food Pantry, Family Safety Net


1st Trimester – September to November- Head Teacher-Lani Morris

Mitzvah Corps Model-Learn, Do and Reflect - Community Service

With Deeper Meaning and Impact


9/8 Opening Day Schedule

9/15 Mitzvah One Action Day (Do)–Field Trip to Empathy Museum - 4th-7th Grade

Project Angel Heart Project - K-3rd Grade

9/21 Kesher (Community Connection) Day- Shabbat B’Yachad

10/6 Mifgash (Student Only) Day - Learn about Mitzvah –Sustainability, Urban Faming and Food

10/13 Mitzvah Two Action Day – Do Mitzvah 2 – Go to Ekar Farm

10/20 Limud (Family) Day – Reflect about Mitzvah 2 and Simchat Torah Celebration at 11:00 am

Students Only from 9:30-11:00 am


10/27 Mifgash (Student Only) Day-Learn about Mitzvah Day

11/3 Mifgash (Student Only) Day-Prep for Mitzvah Day – Sunday Pizza Lunch at 12 pm

5th, 6th and 7th Grade Meeting for Parents and Children – 12:00-1:00 pm

11/10 Limud (Family) and Kesher (Community Connection) Day – Do Mitzvot Day

Magical Mitzvah Tour Day with Tikkun Olam Committee

9:30-10:00 Song Session and Send Off

10:15-11:30 Mitzvah Action Day – Magical Mitzvah Tour at B’nai &

Offsite Mitzvot – 1st LinkAGES with KAVOD

11:30-12:00 Celebration

11/16 Kesher (Community Connection) Day- Shabbat B’Yachad

2nd Trimester – December to February – Head Teacher – Dr. Carol

Family Learning Models focus on families both learning and growing Jewishly through shared experiences and study.

12/8 Limud (Family) Day– Family Learning Intro –Sunday Pizza Lunch & Youth Ed Mtg – 12 pm

Topics – Ever Evolving Hebrew Language with Rabbi Evette / Evolution of Jewish Movements & Comparative Judaism with Dr. Carol /Evolution of our Siddur, Prayers and Blessings with Hal /Evolution of Jewish people’s fight against oppression of All people


12/15 Mifgash (Student Only) Day 6th & 7th Grade LinkAGES & Jewish Colorado Tour (9:30 am-3 pm

1/5 Mifgash (Student Only) Day - Sunday Pizza Lunch & Youth Ed Meeting at 12 pm



1/11 Kesher (Community Connection) Day - Shabbat B’Yachad

Shabbat B’Yachad –Kesher (Community Connection) Day

9:30-10:15 – Family Learning – Deeper Dives into Family Learning Topics

B’nai Community Join Learning Groups or Torah Study (led by lay person)

10:15-11:15 Shabbat Service

11:15-11:30 Sharing and Blessing Before Meal

11:30-12:00 Kiddush Lunch


1/26 Limud (Family) Day – Topics same as first week of trimester

2/2 Mifgash (Student) Day - LinkAGES - 6th & 7th Grade- Tu B’Shevat

Sunday Pizza Lunch & Youth Ed Meeting – 12 pm

2/8 Kesher (Community Connection) Day - Shabbat B’Yachad

2/23 Limud (Family) Day – Judaism is an Evolving Religious Civilization Recon Day

Family Groups Sharing and Learning Together

9:30-10:15 – Students Reflect and Prep for Sharing about Family Learning

Parents reflect and prep about Family Learning with Rabbi

10:15-11:30 – Sharing Together in Family Groups

11:30-12:00 Song Session and Celebration


Trimester 3 – March to May – Head Teacher – Risa Aqua

Arts-based Jewish Education can deepen our students' exposure to Jewish art. It provides learners with the opportunity to explore, personalize and find value in ancient Jewish wisdom and texts. The art that is incorporated is often creative, approachable, and can even be whimsical, providing an entry point into the conversation for all, including the most timid of our learners.

3/1 Mifgash (Student) Day Arts Ed Kick Off – Explore& Choose Art Chug (Elective)

Sunday Pizza Lunch & Youth Ed Meeting – 12 pm


3/8 Limud (Family) and Kesher (Community Connection) Day - Purim Carnival

Purim Shpiel with LinkAGES Seniors and 6th and 7th Graders


3/15 Mifgash (Student) Day - Arts Ed Chugim Session 1

4/5 Mifgash (Student) Day - Arts Ed Chugim Session 2

Sunday Pizza Lunch & Youth Ed Meeting – 12 pm


4/12 Mifgash (Student) Day - Arts Ed Chugim Session 3

4/19 Limud (Family) Day Share, Explore and Experience Art Day


4/25 Kesher (Community Connection) Day - Shabbat B’Yachad

9:30-10:15 End of Year Celebrations

10:15-11:15 Shabbat Service and Honoring Teachers

11:15-11:30 Sharing and Blessing Before Meal

11:30-12:00 Kiddush Lunch


5/2 -5/3 6th and 7th Grade Special Program – LinkAGES Havdallah and Overnight at Hotel


Sat, March 28 2020 3 Nisan 5780