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Monthly Updates of Facility Task Force Activity

Dear Abby: A B'nai Facility Q & A Column

Column #1, March 2018

Dear Abby,

I was under the impression that there was active discussion with the Jewish Day School to build a B’nai facility on their land? What happened and why have we moved in this new direction instead?



Dear Wondering,

Great Question! The Facility Task Force spent many months (a score or more!) actively exploring the option to build at the Denver Jewish Day School site. After numerous unexpected challenges, lengthy delays in response from Arapahoe County, and the prospect of additional expenses (including the possible requirement to pay for another parking lot), the Board of Trustees voted to pursue the option of remodeling our current space.  In addition to our perceived lack of urgency from the Day School, another primary concern was that we were losing momentum for the project and the enthusiasm of our membership. We hope that revamping this building will allow us to better “live our values” social, fiscal and environmental, all while ensuring a sustainable community in the short and long term. We intend to Grow Where We’ve Been Planted and enable this space to enliven our entire congregation.

In Growth,


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Who is the Facility Task Force?

Task Force Chair, Howard Tishler





Dan Prendergast

Carla Sciaky

Member Outreach and Communications


Ben Honigman

Finance and Development

Howard Tishler (FTF Chair)


Move-in Logistics and Interior Design and more as our plan takes shape

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Additional members include: 
Gail ben Ezra, Sarah Goldblatt, Marilyn Winokur, Gabe Case, Holly Greenfield, Joel Judd, Rob Baumgarten, Emily Roet, 

Staff:  Rabbi Evette Lutman, Hal Aqua, Carol Morris, Kate Chasansky, and Becky Epstein

We Need You!

We could use more help on our Communications Sub-committee.  Please let us know if you have an hour or two to give to your community.  Enthusiasm is all it takes to help us engage our community in our TRANSFORMATIVE process of GROWING WHERE WE ARE PLANTED!

Mon, August 20 2018 9 Elul 5778