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2019 Membership Pledge Form

Note to seekers of a liberal Jewish community:  If you want to learn more about our awesome community, please contact Becky Epstein, Executive Director, at 303-388-4441 or If you are looking for a warm, welcoming, and inclusive spiritual home committed to Social Justice, you have found your community! We turn no one away due to financial hardship.

Thank you for choosing B’nai Havurah as your Reconstructionist Jewish community and for your membership!

Your financial support is critical to our success and makes it possible for B’nai Havurah to create a welcoming community that strengthens our Jewish identity and allows us to be part of something larger than ourselves.

In 2019, our expenses will total about $545,000. The operational expenses of a mid-sized congregation such as ours include payroll as our most significant expense, followed by building and grounds maintenance. Dues cover less than half our costs—about $250,000. We cover the rest with The Other Half (our annual campaign), additional fundraising events, facility rentals, and investments.

Please complete your membership pledge form NO LATER THAN MAY 15. To complete your online pledge (preferred method) by clicking hereIf you prefer, you can download, print, and complete the form (click here) and return it to B'nai Havurah.  If you would rather handle this business over the phone, please call our office.

As a reminder: We now accept payment through your checking account! Feel free to call the office at 303-388-4441 for assistance. We are more than happy to help out!


Please select your 2019 membership dues pledge below. By choosing your dues level, you are not required to pay anything at this time.

Once you complete the information on this page, you will be able to choose the frequency and method of your payment after you click Submit on the bottom of this form.

Please schedule your payments to be completed by November 15, 2019.

If you would rather discuss your dues with our Executive Director, Becky Epstein, contact her at 303-388-4441 ext 15 or email her at

The Other Half is an essential part of our $545,000 budget!
our home comes to $2,270 per family, but not all of our 240 families are able to contribute at this level.B'nai Dues alone cover less than half of our annual expenses. The Other Half covers the largest part of the rest. 

Thank you for making as generous a donation as possible within your capacity!

Enter in your Other Half donation above.


Mordecai Kaplan, a founder of Reconstructionist Judaism, believed that social justice is at the heart of Jewish practice. Two ways B’nai Havurah does that is through our Tikkun Olam Committee and our Social Justice Positioning Policy/Program.

     Your $9 Tikkun Olam contribution for each family member over 13 supports the mission of non-profit organizations who make the world a better place. In 2018, more than 18 grants were awarded to worthy organizations.

Enter your Tikkun Olam Donation above.


     Your $9 Social Justice contribution for each family member over 13 supports Positioning B'nai, our social justice policy. We have joined two high impact social action coalitions: Colorado Industrial Areas Foundation and Faith Communities United Against Gun Violence. Both organizations organize and advocate within our diverse greater community.

Enter your Social Justice Donation above.

For additional information about Tikkun Olam and our work through Positioning B’nai, go to



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