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“All the men and women whose hearts moved them to bring anything…brought it as a freewill offering…”  Exodus 35:29

 Help us Fulfill Our Mission


B'nai Havurah is an inclusive, participatory Jewish Reconstructionist community (Kehillah) that is passionately committed to experiencing Judaism by infusing tradition with renewed meaning in a contemporary American context. We do this through study (Torah), worship and joyous practice (Avodah), social justice (Tikkun Olam), acts of kindness (Gemilut Hasadim), and connection with the Jewish People (Am Yisrael).   --  Adopted by Federation Council April 25, 2000

Give to the greatest need or to an area of your choice.


Thank you for choosing to donate to B’nai Havurah! To make a donation, select a giving area from the drop down box on the main Donations page, type in the occasion and the amount of the donation. Your donation will be acknowledged in Kol Havurot unless you indicate otherwise. The amount you donate will not be disclosed.  We encourage you to donate to our Greatest Need Fund so your donation may be used wherever our needs are greatest.  If you would prefer to give to a specific area that you or the person you are honoring or remembering is passionate about, please choose the area of our budget indicated (derived from our mission and values) that you are inspired to assist.  If designated contributions are not spent by the end of the calendar year following the date of contribution, the Council will have the discretion to use the funds to meet our existing needs.

Budget Areas You May Choose to Donate to include:

Torah/Study – donations to this area support our educational programs.   We offer learning opportunities for all ages from formal programs including our Religious School, adult education classes and opportunities for the whole community to learn together like our annual Institute/Kallah, to providing resources for self study, chevruta and/or havurah programs.  You may also choose to donate directly to our Religious School Fund or our Library Fund.

Avodah/Worship and Joyous Practice – donations to this area support our Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat Services including Kiddushes and Oneg Shabbats.  They also help us to provide High Holiday Services open to the community and other holidays celebrations as well.  They help enrich our Rosh Hodesh – It’s A Girl Thing and J-Boys programs for tweens and teens.  You may also choose to donate directly to our Music Fund or our Torah and other Sacred Texts Fund.

Gemilut Hasadim/Acts of Kindness and other Good Deeds – donations to this area support the efforts of the Rabbi, staff and the Chesed committee to provide pastoral care and comfort including visits, meals, and transportation for those who are ill, grieving, or other wise in need of “acts of kindness”.  You may also choose to donate directly to the Tikkun Olam Fund.  This fund supports our community garden, and B’nai Havurah’s projects with the Habitat Interfaith Alliance and Place Bridge Academy.   The Tikkun Olam Committee also grants money from this fund to other worthwhile projects.

Kehillah/Community – Donations to Kehillah support efforts that help our community be stronger, more inclusive and work together.  Your donations support many communications efforts including this website, and programs to reach out to current and new members.   Donations support orientation programs, programs to create new and strengthen existing havurot and to strengthen the community in general.  You may also choose to donate directly to our Building Fund.

Am Yisrael/Jewish People – Reconstructionist Movement dues, Membership and sponsorships to support collaborative and other programs within the greater Jewish Community.   You may also choose to donate directly to the IST (Israel Study Tour) Fund or the Jeffery Hertz Memorial Fund (Israel study trips and on a limited basis some other Jewish experiences for teens.

Administrative Expenses - Donations to this area will help pay for our administrative staff,  the costs of strategic planning, new computers and other equipment, and many other items that indirectly help all the areas above.

Other Donation Funds

You may also donate to the following Restricted Funds

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.
  • B'nai Havurah Endowment Fund at Rose Community Foundation
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