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Colorado Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)

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Colorado Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)

December 15, 2017

Dear B’nai Havurah Member:

We are pleased to report that at the Board of Trustees Meeting on November 21, 2017, the Board unanimously voted to approve B’nai Havurah’s membership in the Colorado Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). A group of seventeen B’nai Havurah members proposed membership. They are the first B’nai Havurah group to meet all the requirements of our Positioning B’nai Policy, which was adopted mid-year 2016.


Founded in 1940, the Industrial Areas Foundation is the nation's largest and longest-standing network of local faith and community-based organizations. The IAF partners with religious congregations and civic organizations at the local level to build broad-based organizing projects, which create new capacity in a community for leadership development, citizen-led action, and relationships across the lines that often divide our communities.

Mordecai Kaplan, founder of the Reconstructionist movement, said: “The Jewish protagonists of social idealism should realize that the Jewish religion came into being as a result of the first attempt to conceive of G-d as the defender of the weak against the strong and that it can, therefore, continue to serve as an inspiration in the present struggle.”

The IAF created the modern model of faith- and broad-based organizing and is widely recognized as having the strongest track record in the nation for citizen leadership development and for helping more than 65 congregations and other civic organizations act on their missions to achieve lasting change in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the Colorado Industrial Areas Foundation and/or would like to get involved, please contact Zeik Saidman ( or Marilyn Winokur ( 

Approved on November 21, 2017
Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees

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