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CHESED:  Acts of Lovingkindness at B’nai Havurah

One of the core values at B’nai Havurah is “gemilut chesidim,” acts of kindness expressed through support of our community in times of physical and emotional need.  We may assist with shiva or mourning rituals, provide cards of condolence or convalescence, facilitate urgent meals or visits to congregants in need, and empower congregants to appreciate and utilize the strengths of their individual networks or our larger community.

Congregants who wish to be contacted by Chesed are referred to the committee.  Chesed referrals for lifecycle or personal issues (illness, death/grieving, accident, surgery, hospitalization or extended care) should be confirmed by the congregant, family member or trusted close friend who has been given explicit permission to contact the Rabbi/staff.  The committee is a small group of volunteers who try to promptly clarify what help is needed and what resources are available.  Chesed will then assist the congregant in organizing and accessing their own resources (family, havurah, friends) on a case by case basis.  If these resources are not sufficient, Chesed will reach out to the larger B’nai Havurah community to offer assistance with meals, visitors or other services.

To contact Chesed, call B’nai Havurah at 303-388-4441, or email Becky,; Kate,;  Rabbi, 

We are all Chesed - Participation or Opt Out Form

Chesed at B'nai Havurah

As you know, members of B’nai Havurah highly value and treasure acts of lovingkindness performed within our community.  Such actions are typically deeply meaningful for both the recipients and the providers of these gestures.  It is our Internal Tikkun Olam.  Our communal ability to respond to needs of our members depends on a robust team of volunteers who are willing to participate when calls arise.  

Using the list below, please check off the Chesed Activities in which you would like to participate.  We thank you for your time!

Please check which activities interest you most. If you are not able to contribute your time to our Chesed activities, please check the last selection.


Sun, 21 April 2019