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B'nai Chai Legacy Members Make A Lasting Impact on our Future

As seen in B'nai Havurah's What's Nu, April 10, 2019



Denver -- Thursday, April 4, 2019/ Space Gallery

Below, Sandy Goldman, chair of our B'nai Chai legacy program receives a certificate of successful completion for Year One (Phase 5)  of the Live On | Life & Legacy Program.

B'nai Havurah is currently enriched by more than 65 individuals who have made the decision to include B'nai Havurah in their will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy. Their support will pass our community's inclusive and participatory traditions down from "generation to generation, L'dor V'dor.

If you would like to learn more about our legacy program, B'nai Chai, please contact Sandy Goldman, or Becky Epstein at, 303-388-4441 ext. 15




B'nai Chai Live On Legacy Program

Rooted in the visionary thinking of Mordecai Kaplan, B’nai Havurah has provided a critical alternative for liberal Jews for more than 50 years. 

Make sure that your wishes are known to your loved ones and to the causes you most cherish. Now is the time.

Has B’nai Havurah had a positive impact on your life? 

Do you wonder where B’nai Havurah will be 50 years from now? 

Make a lasting difference by becoming a B’nai Chai member.

Help guarantee that all we have inherited and all we have built will continue to enrich our community for generations to come. If you have already included a gift to B’nai Havurah in your planned giving, please let us know as well! 

Why leave a gift to B’nai Havurah? 

Including B’nai Havurah in your will or estate plan lets you: 

• Support the values of our dynamic community even when you are gone.
• Create a permanent legacy to you and your loved ones.
• Make a lasting impact on your children and your children’s children.
• Ensure that B’nai Havurah continues to thrive as Denver’s Reconstructionist home. 




For more information, please contact Becky Epstein at 303-388-4441 ext. 15 or

In Gratitude to our B’nai Chai Members:

(as of August 13, 2018) 

Ronald M. Aal & Deborah Lebow Aal 
Hal & Risa Aqua
Rob Rob & Samantha Baumgarten
Daniel Bennett & Devorah Uriel
Marty & Arna Caplan
Mike (z"l') & Shirley Coren
Elisabeth Evans

Steve Galpern & Caroline Portis
Margery Goldman
Sandra Goldman
Stan & Paula Gudder
Jeff & Sharon Haber
Sanford Hertz
Tamara Hertz
Joel Judd
Rick Kornfeld & Julie Malek
Sheila Lehrburger
Ruth Lurie
Rabbi Evette Lutman & Shari Abramowitz

Al and Patricia Mizrahi
Rivka & Shauna Morgan-Sherman
Jeanne Pantone & Owen Chariton
Dan Prendergast & Carla Sciaky 

Priscilla Press
Bernard Reder & Elizabeth Ferber Reder
Rivka Schwab
Larry (z"l) & Cherie Karo Schwartz
Daniel Recht & Elaine Selsberg
Goldie Sher
Paul Simon & Debbie Reinberg

Amy Snow
Fay Strauss (z"l)
Susan Spero & Mike Jalving
Alida Stein
Jen Stier
Dan Taubman & Lissa Levin
Joyce Thorn (z"l)
Howard & Lorrie Tishler

Ed & Bobbie Towbin
John Wasserman & Esther Starrels
Marilyn Winokur
Anonymous (12)

Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781