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Thank you for taking a moment to renew your annual support through B'nai Havurah's 2023 Annual Gifts of the Heart Pledge.

To access our on line form, please scroll down. For a printable form that you may mail to us, click here.

Whether you connect to B’nai through learning, services, music, friendship or social action; whether it’s once a year or many times a week, we hope that you think of B’nai Havurah as a source of support, meaning and community in life’s most important moments.  

Right now, B’nai Havurah is about to take a leap of faith.  

We have used a conventional mandatory dues model for most of our years to sustain our budgetary needs. This year, we are making a change and trusting that you and others will support the community without a required dues amount. For 2023, B’nai Havurah will combine what was formerly known as dues and “The Other Half” into a single annual giving pledge called Gifts of the Heart. No set amount is required to belong to the B’nai Havurah community.  Gifts of the Heart may also include commitments of time, skill, and participation which we describe here.

We are deeply grateful for any gift you can offer to support our vibrant and growing community and all it offers. Your generosity helps build and sustain a spiritual home and community that makes us all proud.

Ben Hongiman                                                                       Becky Epstein
Board Chair    
                                                                        Executive Director

2023 Annual Gifts of the Heart Express Pledge Form

Please complete this form no later than January 13, 2023

Note: In 2023 we are combining what was previously known as dues and 
"The Other Half" into one pledge.

Below are guidelines for how you might think about your annual gift.
No matter the level of your pledge, you will be welcome.
Above all else we value you and hope you will join our
welcoming, inclusive, and participatory B’nai Havurah community.
  • Kehillah / קהילה - Gift of the Community - $5,000
  • Bayit / בית - Gift of the Home: $2,500
  • Adamah / אדמה - Gift of the Earth: $1,500
  • Increase your 2023 annual pledge by 10% or more*

    *If you aren't sure what your combined gift to Dues and The Other Half was in 2022, please call our office at 303-388-4441. You may also click here and log in to view all of your 2022 donations on our secure website.)


Your 2023 Gifts of the Heart pledge combines what was formerly known as dues and "The Other Half".

2023 Pledges for: 
Tikkun Olam and Social Justice Initiatives at B'nai Havurah


The Tikkun Olam Committee, with your generosity, works to help alleviate hunger, homelessness, disease, ignorance, abuse, and oppression among all people. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.The historical guideline has been a minimum gift of $18 per family member (over age 13).
Your donation will support our social justice programs and social action initiatives at B’nai Havurah. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.The historical guideline has been a minimum gift of $18 per family member (over age 13).

Optional Pledges:

Please enter your pledge above.

Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU) is the only faith-based organization in Colorado dedicated to ending gun violence. (
Please enter your pledge above.

Coloradans for the Common Good (CCG) is a Positioning B'nai organization. They are a broad based, non-partisan organization focused on working for social justice in Colorado. (
Thank you for your support!

We hope this process has been trouble-free! Once you click on "Submit" below, you will see a charge for your total pledges. Your pledge will be added to your account. You are not required to schedule or make payments at this time. We will contact you after you submit this form to confirm your payment type and schedule.


Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783