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Representing B'nai Havurah

B’nai Havurah members are not only involved in their B'nai community, but in the greater community, as well.  As members of B'nai Havurah, we are often asked, "So, what is B'nai Havurah all about?" or "Tell me more about Reconstructionist Judaism." 

You may be at a fundraising event, a birthday party or a cross-country bicycle race and want the just-right response, but without this website at your fingertips or a book about Reconstructionist Judaisim  in your back pocket, you may find it challenging to give a meaningful and quick response to inquiries.

We will work to further develop this webpage, but in the meantime, as an advocate for B'nai Havurah (we hope you are!), you might want to visit our on-line library or read Rabbi Richard Hirsh's ”What Is Reconstructionism, Anyway?”  An Elevator Answer."

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781