POSITIONING B'NAI: a Social Justice Policy for B'nai Havurah

WHY a social justice policy for B'nai?
Mordecai Kaplan, a founder of Reconstructionist Judasim, believed fervently that working for social justice is at the heart of Jewish practice.
Until now, B'nai Havurah had no policy for how to support issues of social justice.


Click here to review the entire policy as approved by B'nai Havurah's Board of Trustees in August 2016.

Click here for the brochure.

Sample forms:

Initial Proposal

Education Report


Social Justice Activities

MLK Marade
Monday, January 17, 8 am - 2 pm
City Park:  http://www.drmartinlkingjrchc.org/index.php/marade

B'nai organizers needed!
Please call the office at 303-388-4441 or email exec@bnaihavurah.org if able to help.





Martin Luther King Marade - Monday, January 17

Women's March - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March Participants: 

Ron and Deb Aal

Deborah Andrews and Steve Howards

Risa and Annie Aqua

Sandie Radetsky-Banks and Greg Banks

Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Jonah and Dr. Hilary Nieberg Baskin

Rabbi Birdie Becker

Pat Blumenthal and Ron LaFollette

Patty and Libby Bortz

Kristie Bradley

Carol Bubes

Marty and Arna Caplan

Glenn and Susan Cooper

Lisa Eller Davis

Liz Evans

Rich Fantel

Lee Fisher and Barry Rosenberg

John Freed

Sandy Goldman

Phyllis Goodman

Holly Greenfield

Sharon Haber

Emma Hertz
Tamara Hertz – Marched in D.C. 

Rick Kornfeld and Julie Malek

Ann Lederer plus son-in-law, daughter and grand daughter

Susan and Margot Lurie - Marched in D.C.
Pat Madsen - Marched in D.C.

Laura, Anna and Grace Michaels

Maggie Miller and Doug Gertner

Liane and Ethan Morrison

Debbie Reinberg

Barbara and Dick Reinish

Naomi Reshotko

Ronnie Rosenbaum

Miriam Rosenblum and Dave Reilly

Elaine Selsberg and Dan Recht

Barbara Shindell
Kate Shiroff

Cindy Silverman

Anna and Fran Simon and Jeremy

Alana Smart and Zeik Saidman

Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis, plus Little Cooper

Susan Spero

Barbara Stein

Bob Stephens and Barbara Borow-Stephens

Lorrie Tishler

Ed and Bobbie Towbin

Linda Treibitz

Alice Turak

Allan Wallis

Joan and Abbott Wallis

Judy Weingarten

Marilyn Winokur

Claire Zilber

Liora Zucker             

Sun, March 18 2018 2 Nisan 5778