B'nai Havurah Story Adventure Program  

The B'nai Havurah Story Adventure Program will use the stories from as a jumping off point for our adventures in Jewish learning, stories and celebrations.  This program is for families with children 5 and under.  We will go on field trips and make stories come to life during all of  our adventures.  

Register for all of the adventures and get a discount and a one year membership to B'nai Havurah for only $100.  Your family is welcome to come to as many programs as you want at $25 per adventure fee.

Grab some water bottles, your imagination and join in these fun-filled adventures for your whole family.

Story Adventure Program -Sundays from 10:00-11:30 am

September 17th - Digging in the Dirt at Ekar Farm

October 15th - Noah's Clues - The Ark has Landed at the Denver Zoo

November 19th - Day at Camp at B'nai 

December 10th and 17th - Little Chef Day at B'nai

January 21st - Experience Denver Botanic Gardens with Your Senses

March 4th - Purim Celebration and Carnival at B'nai

April 15th - Day at the Museum at Denver Children's Museum



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Thu, December 14 2017 26 Kislev 5778