2017 B'nai Havurah Membership Renewal

2017 B'nai Havurah Membership Renewal Pledge

Thank you for choosing B’nai Havurah as your Reconstructionist community and for your generosity and loyal support in the past, and in 2017!

We depend on the financial support of each of our members to open our doors every day.  Revenue from dues funds approximately half of our budgeted expenses, including our mortgage, payroll, religious school, and programming needs.

Your dues commitment guides us in creating a realistic budget for the coming year. Therefore, it is important that we hear from you no later than January 15, 2017.

Please complete your online membership for 2017 below. If you would rather download, print and mail or email your renewal form in please click here for a printable formm

------------MEMBERSHIP DUES------------

If we do not hear from you by March 31, 2017, we will renew your membership at the level you paid in 2016, or will contact you.

Please go here to access the Dues Accommodation Request Form. Please complete this form in order for us to confidentially review your request for dues accommodation.  This form is due by January 15 and must be turned in with your 2017 Membership Pledge Form.  

B’nai Havurah does not deny anyone the opportunity to be a member due to financial hardship or other circumstances preventing them from paying full dues.  In 2016 we extended dues accommodations to you and many other families and, while we strive to be inclusive, the number of accommodations granted has contributed to not reaching our budgeted financial goals for the year.

THE OTHER HALF - OUR ANNUAL FUND (not necessary for those seeking dues accommodation).

Your gift to The Other Half represents a vital portion of our annual budget and makes a significant difference in our continued success.  Membership dues alone do not support all of the programs and services that are important to our community. Please consider making a gift to The Other Half.

Please enter your Other Half Pledge, below.  Your pledge will not be due until the end of 2017.

Where do your Other Half dollars go?

· Jewish practice:  Engaging and inclusive life-cycle events, Shabbat services, and holidays.

· Integrated Learning:  A robust and education program for adults and youth.

· Religious School: An innovative, inclusive and engaging curriculum designed to inspire lifelong Jewish learning.

· Our members: Inclusivity, Chesed, Tikkun Olam Committees and our Social Justice work “Positioning B’nai,” supported through our newly established policy.

· Staff: A professional staff to meet B’nai Havurah’s mission and goals.

TIKKUN OLAM HALF SHEKEL CONTRIBUTION:  Tikkun Olam is the imperative to repair the world, so that it reacts to the divine values of Justice (tzedek), Compassion (chesed), and Peace (shalom).

B’nai Havurah maintains an active Tikkun Olam Committee that addresses social ills, such as hunger, homelessness, disease, abuse, and oppression.  Funds raised from YOUR donation to Tikkun Olam provide grants to a number of causes and social action initiatives.  Examples of recent grant recipients include the B’nai Havurah Religious School scholarship fund, Kavod on the Road, Place Bridge Academy, Sierra Leone Ebola Relief, Jewish Family Service school supplies project, and Habitat Interfaith Alliance.

The recommended contribution per member 13 years of age or older is $18.  Please indicate your donation, below:

Please select a payment options below.

Payment Options:  

You are welcome to schedule your own payments monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually. And, though not required, you may also pay in full at the time the form is completed or may schedule a date when you will pay in full.

A. If you select the first option below, we will contact you to discuss your payment options, frequency and add your pledge to your online account. 

B. If you opt to set up your own payments, this is how:

Once you proceed to the next page:

  1. Use the pull down menu and under   “pay this amount” select the frequency of your payments. Note- remember that all payments are due by October 31, 2017, unless you work out a different plan with the office.
  2. Under payment method, select, “bill to my account”. Remember, you need to be logged into your account to do this.

C. If would like to pay in full on a date of you choosing, this is how:

Once you proceed to the next page:

  1. Use the pull down menu and under “pay this amount” select  “once now” if you wish to pay on today's date
  2. Use the pull down menu and select,“once later” if you wish to pay in full on a later date. You will be asked to select the date when you would like to pay. Please note that payment in full is due by October 31, 2017 unless you made other arrangements with the office



Wed, October 18 2017 28 Tishrei 5778